Thursday, June 23, 2011

First day of SDs at HT and a bit of a rant...

I just have to say that I love to share the wealth, that's why I have this blog....BUT, ever since the airing of Extreme Couponing people have come out of the wood works to save some cash. Still, totally fine with me. However, I do have a problem with people working the system. I saw a lady yesterday with her husband and teenage son dividing and dispersing items and handing out VIC cards to each of them. They are obviously in one household, and using 3 different cards (against store policy). I know, you're probably thinking "she's just mad because she probably didn't get some of the items she wanted". YES, you're right! She had 6 packs of Bounty napkins and 6 boxes of the Lance Cracker things that I wanted. Darn it! Rant over, I feel better now:)

When stock is out, get a rain check (RC) because they never expire. Also ask when the delivery trucks get in. Be sure to ask about a specific truck because deliveries come in different days. For instance, grocery items come in on Thursdays at my store but frozen items don't come in until Mondays.

So, here's my score from yesterday (used 19 coupons)...

2 Tic Tacs (used insert q) = FREE
2 Kraft FF Zesty Italian Dressing (used insert q)= 99¢
HT croutons = FREE wyb 2 Kraft dressings (HT store promo)
Smucker Sugar Free Preserves (used IP) = $1.29
Tidy Cat Litter (used insert q) = $1.19
Hidden Valley Ranch Salad Kit (used insert q) = FREE
Demets Turtles (used IP) = 39¢
Reduced shelf mushrooms = 55¢ (no coupon)
Reduced shelf mushrooms = $1.02 (no coupon)
Heinz 57 (RC price $2.50) (used IP) = 50¢
Heinz 57 (RC price $2.50) (used IP) = 50¢
PF Baked Natural Wheat Crackers (used insert q) = 50¢
Kikkoman Stir Fry Seasoning (used IP) = FREE
French's Dijon Mustard (used insert q)= FREE
Tidy Cat Litter (used IP)= $1.19
Crystal Light from clearance cart (used IP)= 47¢
Crystal Light from clearance cart (used IP)= FREE
Marzetti's Light Slaw Dressing (used IP)= $1.99
Reduced shelf bag of Romaine lettuce = $1.99 (no coupon)
Minute Brown Rice Steamers (used insert q)= 50¢
2 Deans French Onion Dips (used IP)= $1.34 for two
Sorrento Mozzarella Cheese balls (used insert q) = $3.99

Spent $19.06
Saved $45.77

Don't forget about the evic egg deal, 77¢ for dozen large eggs (limit 2). If these are out, be sure to get a RC!

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