Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Super Doubles at HT starting 3/23

Nothing too exciting, but a good time to grab a few items.

Nasoya tofu $2.19; use $1 off IP coupon to make it 19¢ (click on "take the pledge, get rewarded")
*save this pdf coupon for future uses since it doesn't expire until the end of May*

Kahiki vegetable egg rolls $2.12; use $1 off IP coupon to make it 12¢ (also on couponbug.com)

Colgate Total $2.99; use $1 insert coupon to make it 99¢ (long gone are the days of free toothpaste)

Bestlife spray $2.59; use $1 insert coupons from 1/30 and 2/27 to make it 59¢

Rhodes rolls $1.67; use $1 insert coupons to make them FREE

Philadelphia Cooking Creme $2.99; use $1.50 home mailer to make it FREE

Furmano canned tomatoes $1.09; use $1 insert coupon from 1/30 and 2/27 to make them $1.27 for three 28 oz cans

Folgers brick coffee $2.97; use $1 IP coupon and ZVR $1 evic coupon to make it FREE

John Frieda shampoo $4.99; use $2 insert coupon to make it $2.99

(if IP coupons don't pop up, try other zipcodes like 27606 or 90210)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

HT deals this week

Arnold Wide Pan Bread 24 oz bread evic $1.97 (limit 2), there is an IP coupon making it 87¢

Jello Temptations $2.79, I have a ZVR (evic coupon) for BOGO. Use 2x $1 IP coupon to get two packs for 79¢

Yoplait Yoplus $1.50, I have a ZVR (evic coupon) for $1 off. Use 55¢ peelie to make it free.

Split Chicken Breasts are 99¢/lb

Cabbage is 2 lbs/$1

Fruit 2 Day $1.50, use $1 IP coupon to make it 50¢

2 dozen eggs $1.89 each, use 55¢ IP coupon (was on smartsource, not sure if it's still there) to make them $2.68 for two dozen

***I'm seeing rumors of an event starting next Wednesday the 23rd***

Friday, March 4, 2011

Giveaway at "OK, Now What Bride"

Click here to go to the giveaway page.

"I am so glad to see that hair accessories are a continuing trend throughout this year, because they are just so wonderful! Coming in all different shapes, colors, and sizes, it's really exciting to see what's out there. We've are thrilled to be partnering with Runway Rundown the online source for runway fashion trends for the online shopper. This beautiful handcrafted Gardenia Wedding Hair Clip (worth $55) is from With This Bling!"


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Entries will be accepted until March 10th, when the winner will be announced.