Wednesday, April 22, 2009

HT triples confirmed for...

April 29th thru May 5th. Yes, another whole week. Start clipping those $0.75 q's for next week. I think there are some expiring on the 30th, so plan your trips early:) I'll post with more info as I receive it.

Monday, April 13, 2009

My new favorite gladiator flats

They're gonna be my staple shoe next to my flops this spring and summer. To keep my casual wear easy, but also to dress up my floor-length summer concert dresses. I scored these at TJ Maxx for a whopping $27.99, and they are unbelievably comfortable. Misty calls them my Troy sandals:)

Earth Day is approaching...know your numbers

So after being stuck in the house this weekend without a car, I caught up on my "green" shows (Wa$ted) and thought I would post about some recycling today. These shows are real eye-openers for even avid recyclers like myself. We can all do a little bit more to help out!

1) Try to purchase items with a low recycle number. The general trend is that the lower the number is, the easier it is to recycle. Numbers can be found on the bottom of bottles/containers.

2) Check with your city or town to ensure that they recycle all materials. Wake County Recycling Website. Wake County recycles all materials!!! If it has number, it's recycleable.

3) Every little bit helps, and you'd be amazed at how easy it is to help our environment.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Don't be scared of those credit card companies

"No one ever achieved financial security by being weak and scared. Confidence is contagious; it will bring more into your life."

~Suze Orman

After skimming over my online credit card bill statement, I quickly saw that I was victim of the increase in APR. I about had a coronary. So I decided to take Suze's advice and try to get a lower APR on my one and only credit card. I haven't made a purchase in over 5 years, and have been trying to pay it off. I did just as Suze said, know your history!!!

1) I had been a loyal customer to this company since 1997 (freshman year at college, they always get you).
2) I had only been late on my payments three times in those 12 years
3) Most recently, I had often paid more than the minimum amount due
4) I had signed up for their paperless statement, online services and automatic draft

Armed with my information, I finally decided to email customer service. Suze recommended speaking over the phone with someone, but I took the alternative route. First attempt, shot down.

Hello, did you not read my letter where I indicated that I was making my payments online, and have been up to date. I responded back with...

"Again, suggestions for making my payments more convenient will not assist me since I make my payments on time by using the online payment (as you suggested). My business is obviously not appreciated, and Chase can expect for my account to be paid in full within the year. "

They quickly responded back with...

Dear Melissa,
Thank you for your inquiry regarding your Annual Percentage Rate (APR). We appreciate the opportunity to resolve this issue with you.
Regretfully, there are no lower rates available for your purchase Annual Percentage Rate (APR). However, in an effort to demonstrate our desire to work with you in reference to your APR, we have moved your current balance to a promotional APR of 9.80% fixed for the life of the loan. Please be advised that new purchases will still be at your current purchase APR.

It was just that easy. I didn't want a lower purchase APR anyway, I want to try to pay off my balance faster. I am saving $50 each month by having done this. The first responder was an email customer service representative, but the second was a customer care specialist. When you threaten the words "close my account", they get nervous and pass you along to higher-ups. Please, save yourself some money and try this. Not only will it save you money, but it's very empowering knowing that you won't be dictated by these credit card companies. Weak and scared is so last year, confident is so in!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Downeast Communities

So, I was just looking at my sister's invitation for her going away/housewarming party and it had a map to Davis, NC. When it opened in google or whatever, it popped up 148 Willis Road, Beaufort NC. So I responded, you hain't no Beaufort grit. It makes me realize all of the silly stuff we say about downeast.

Beaufort grits
Per-lantic 'ers
Davis Shoremen
Harkers Island...?
Skeeter Islanders?

Help me out with any more, and if anyone knows where Beaufort grit came from it would settle my thought process.

TGI Fridays is doubling their stripes

A few weeks back I posted a coupon deal for TGI Fridays, and now they are having double stripe points. This means if you spend $20, they credit your card with $40. Again, once you spend $100 they send you a voucher for $8 via email. So sign up for their rewards program online.

Chicken deal at FoodLion

FoodLion has a great chicken meal deal.

Buy a 10 piece hot dark meat chicken box from the deli, and get a large On The Go (OTG) Bistro side for free. Pair it with the $3 off a $10 purchase coupon from this deal, by purchasing a small OTG side and a french bread loaf. Then add the $1 off an OTG side coupon.

This is the breakdown
10 piece chicken $6.99
Large OTG side free
Small OTG side $2.99
Coupon for OTG -$1.00
French bread $1.99
Coupon for meal deal -$3.00

All for only $7.97.

The mac and cheese and apples sides are my favorites. I can't guarantee that the coupons won't beep, but my FL approved them. At worst, you might not be able to use the $1 off coupon and it will be $8.97. Still a great deal for enough food for at least 4 meals.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

HT triples, trip 4

paid $3.90 out of pocket (OOP) for $9.18 worth of groceries.

source*store price of each*coupon*triple q*final price

1 Wholly Guacamole*N&O*$1.79*$1.00*doesn't multiply*$0.79
1 Heluva Good Cheese Block*online*$2.00*$0.50*$1.50*$0.50
1 Heluva Good Cheese Block*online*$2.00*$0.50*$1.50*$0.50
1 HT Trader Salsa*B1G1*$1.99

HT triples, trip 3

Used Pillsbury/General Mills deal (buy 10 items, get $4 instantly) again to pay $28.21 out of pocket (OOP) for $77.17 worth of groceries.

source*store price of each*coupon*triple q*final price

1 Del Monte Tomato*N&O*$1.50*$0.40*$1.20*$0.30
1 Worcestershire sauce*N&O*$1.79*$0.50*$1.50*$0.29
1 Blue Diamond Almonds*N&O*$3.00*$0.50*$1.50*$1.50
1 Welch's Light Grape*N&O*$3.65*$0.75*$2.25*$1.40
1 Welch's Light Mixed Berry*N&O*$3.65*$0.75*$2.25*$1.40
1 Hellmanns Mayo*N&O*$3.50*$0.60*$1.80*$1.70
3.75 lbs Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts*N&O*$6.75/lb*Buy1, Get 2 Free*$1.83/lb
Teriyaki Pork Tenderloin*N&O*$8.99*$1.00*doesn't multiply*$7.99
1 Veggie Discounted*$0.86
1 Veggie Discounted*$0.66
1 Kraft Singles Cheese*B1G1F*$1.54
1 Activia Yogurt*N&O*$2.50*$1.00*doesn't multiply*$1.50
1 Fiber One Yogurt*N&O*$2.89*$0.50*$1.50*$1.39
1 Totino Pizza*$1.27
1 Totino Pizza*$1.27
2 GG Broccoli and Cheese*online*$2.00*$0.60 off of 2*$1.80 off of 2*$0.20 for 2
2 GG Immunity Boost Veg*online*$2.00*$0.60 off of 2*$1.80 off of 2*$0.20 for 2
1 GG Healthy Vision Veg*$1.00
3 Grands Biscuits*blinkie*$2.34*$0.75 off of 3*$2.25 off of 3*$0.09 for 3

10 coupons to double, 2 didn't double