Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Foodlion...heads up...starting tomorrow...just in time for grilling:)

FL is gonna have T-bones and Porterhouses @ $4.98/lb. and pair it up with a $1/$5 coupon from this matching game for really cheap steaks. I assume you can get 2 for about $9-$10, depending on weight per cut.


(edited 04/02/09) I did this yesterday and you can use two coupons if you buy 2 steaks. I got two t-bones for less than $8.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Sweet little tray table, you are mine:)

I was meaning to post this last week, but got so excited about HT triples that I forgot. It definitely deserves it's own full post anyway. So after my last loss of the most adorable little tray table at the flea market, I began my quest for it's sister/brother. I tried craigslist for a couple of weeks, and without success had put it off for a while. Then one day, one glorious day I found a post for a few random items from a moving sale. What was included in it? Only the mostest cutest little tray table. Best part of the story, the lady only wanted $20 for it.

I did as I said and made that little tray table mine, and it all worked out nicely. Philip even cooked me breakfast one morning and let it snuggle in the bed with me.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

2nd trip of triples, very small

I only went to buy Dawn Direct Foam Dish detergent and peanut butter, b/c I knew they would be sold out. I got lucky though, and the coupon gods were smiling down on me. $1.09 OOP, and $8.62 saved.

2 Dawn Direct Foam Citrus*N&O*$1.44*$0.50*$1.50*FREE

1 Skippy Natural Peanut Butter*N&O*$2.79*$0.60*$1.80*$0.99

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Triples this morning was a hit

Got all of my freebies/cheapies and combined it with the Pillsbury/General Mills deal (buy 10 items, get $4 instantly) to pay $0.29 out of pocket (OOP) for $51.64 worth of groceries. The last 4 (Totino's, GG veggies, Grands) on my list satistified the GM deal.

source*store price of each*coupon*triple q*final price

6 Mahatma Yellow Rice packets*N&O*$1.39*$0.75 off of 2*$2.25 off of 2*$1.59 for 6 packets

2 Mahatma Rice bags*N&O*$1.49*$0.75*$2.25*FREE

3 Lipton Tea Bags (24ct)*N&O*$2.69*$0.75*$2.25*$1.32

2 Wishbone Salad Spritzers Italian*N&O*$1.74*$0.75*$2.25*FREE

3 Franks Red Hot Sauces*N&O*$2.00*$0.50*$1.50*$1.50 for 3

1 Blistex balm*N&O*$0.99*$0.35*$1.05*FREE

2 Totino Pizza Rolls (pepperoni)*N&O*$1.10*$0.35*$1.05*$0.10 for two

3 Green Giant Frozen Broccoli Spears*2 coupons at bricks.com*$1*$0.50*$1.50*FREE

2 Green Giant Healthy Living Veggie*1 coupon at eathealthyamerica.com*$0.60 off of 2*$1.80 off of two*$0.20 for 2

3 Grands mini-roll of biscuits*Blinkie*$0.78*$0.75 off of 3*2.25*$0.09 for 3 mini rolls

20 coupons, 2 Internet Printables (IPs) for broccoli, 1 IP for healthy living veggie mix

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

HT triples again

HT is having triples for a whole week...eeek....starting tomorrow morining at 7am thru the 31st.

So a quick Couponing 101:

-All coupons $0.99 and under triple in value. (Check your Sunday News and Observer for coupons)
-$0.25 actually will be worth $0.75
-$0.50 actually will be worth $1.00
-$0.75 actually will be worth $2.25
-You can only use 2 IP (internet printable coupons) per day on the same/like item
-Limit of 20 coupons per visit, per day (you can use more, but only 20 will triple in value)
-$1 off coupons do not count toward your tripled coupon number
-You can use catalinas (the things that print out at the register) as long as they say manufacturer coupon at the top. Despite what store you got it from, as long as it says manufacturer q...you can use it anywhere
-Double check your receipt to ensure all q's did triple
-Double check prices, b/c HT has a scan price guarantee. If the price doesn't scan correctly as advertised you get the item FREE:)

Monday, March 23, 2009

words of wisdom from my money guru

A woman who is more financially confident and secure is a happier woman. And a happier woman is going to be better able to nurture, share, and give support to all those in her life."

~Suze Orman

If you love Wheat Thins like I do...

Food Lion currently has the new Artisan Wheat Thins 2/$4. If you pair it with the coupon from last week's paper B1G1F (buy one, get one free) they take off the original price of 1 box ($3.59) making them $0.41 for 2 boxes!!! I picked up these two.

Like to get free food on your birthday?

Sign up to your most favoritest restaurant's online newsletters, and they'll send you a deal around your birthday. Three of my favorites that honestly do honor your day of birth...Qdoba, Red Robin and Moe's. All of these places are for a free item to be used within 2 weeks around your birthday (free cheeseburger, free nachos and free burrito).

Another restaurant that is a good bang for your buck is TGI Friday's. They're food is not great, but I'd stick with the burgers...they're always good. They'll send you emails with coupons, and send you a stripes card. Every time you eat there, have them swipe your card. Once you spend $100, you get an $8 gift certificate via email. They sent me this coupon today (just click on the image and print to use it yourself).

Also check to see what great deals you can get with your employer. As a state employee, I can get a discount at several retail stores (cell phone company too) and restaurants by just showing my state employee id.