Monday, December 7, 2009

Tutorials for those of you just starting out (courtesy of Southern Savers)

Southern Savers Tutorials

This video will get folks started on saving money. You should learn strategy, mindset, and what to watch, when trying to get the most for your money. Two important points to maximize your savings before coupons are: buy when items are on sale for 40% off or more and buy enough to last until the item comes on sale again.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

HT deals this week

BOGO Blueberries, Raspberries, & Blackberries (6 ounce)
If these are for Driscoll's, and you were lucky enough to get the 50¢ IP for them...makes for cheap fruit!

Nature's Pride Bread BOGO, use 75¢ IP from (zipcode 90210)

World's Best Cat Litter $4.99, use $3 IP from

Frosted Mini Wheat Little Bites $1.74, use $1 IP from

Fresh Foods Market Take & Bake Pizzas are BOGO

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Restaurant coupons has added new gift certificates to their website. Enter "GIVE" in the promotion code box and get 70% off of your total. I have purchased these gift certificates, and they're easy to use (just be sure to check the box to see any stipulations) and legit.

Wilmington: Caribay Soul $25 gift certificate for $3 and Firebelly Lounge $10 gift certificate for $1.20

Raleigh: Jax Sports Bar $25 gc for $3, Ole Time BBQ $10 for $1.20, Two Guys Restaurant $25 for $3, Amedeos Restaurant $25 for $3, Tir Na Nog $25 gc for $4.50, The Q Shack $25 for $3.75, The Mint $75 gc for $9

Campbells coupons

Campbells site has a bunch of great coupons

Nothing too exciting at HT...

eVIC is 59-64 oz Tropicana OJ or Trop50, $1.77, Limit 1. I'm pretty sure that we have $1/2 from this past Sunday, if you want to buy 2 bottles.

Bulk Sweet Potatoes, 2 lbs/$1

Breakstone's Sour Cream, 16 oz (we got a q from this past Sunday for this too)

Philly Cream Cheese bricks, 4/$5 (q from this past Sunday, I think it's $1/2)

McCormick, Select Spices and Extracts, 50% off

Ore-Ida Steam N Mash, 24 oz, $3.69 ($1 coupon at both of the below sites)

Monday, November 2, 2009

HT is having triples again, finally

Starting this Wednesday. I'm going out of town Thursday through Monday, what ever shall I do without triples?!?!

When I get a good list, I'll post it.

  • Campbell's Cream of Mushroom and Cream of Chicken will be BOGO (there are $1/2 IPs, but you'll have to buy 4 cans to use the coupon since they are BOGO)
  • e-vic members special (limit 1) -- HT Sugar 5 lb. 99¢
  • Pillsbury All purpose Flour (5 lb.) 99¢
  • HT 80% Lean Fresh Ground Beef -- $1.59 lb (get a 50¢ IP coupon here if you put in code A23568) that makes for 9¢/lb ground beef!!!
  • Dukes Mayonnaise is BOGO, pair it up with this 55¢ coupon, to make it really cheap

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Grocery deals this week

@ FL
  • FL eggs are $1.29, with flip makes them 29¢
  • FL hamburger and hotdog buns are 77¢, with $1 flip makes them 2/54¢
  • Rotel is $1, with 25¢ blinkie that is infront of them they're only 75¢
  • Green bell peppers are 79¢/lb
  • ***If you can't make it to HT, the Heinz ketchup 40 oz is an alright deal $2.49-75¢q, and Mars fun size candy bags are B1G1 (use $1 off two bags coupon).***
@ HT
  • Mars fun size candy bags are on EVIC for 99¢ (only 1 per household), so buy 2 bags and use $1 off two and get both for $1.99
  • Progresso soups are B1G1F, and there are IPs for $1 off. I haven't tried this deal yet, but you might only be able to use two coupons for every 4 cans since they're B1G1. If you do buy 4, use two $1 off q's...$3.38 for four cans. If you can buy four cans and use all 4 q's, it would only be $1.38 for four cans. Worth a try!
  • Heinz kethcup 40 oz is $2.50, and use the 75¢ q from last week's insert to make it $1
  • HT can veggies are B2G3: select varieties corn, peas, green beans. Must buy 2 to get 3 free, limit 10. These end up being 36¢ each...soup stock-up time again!
  • Lifesavers (in the candy aisle in the bags) are 99¢, and there are $1 off coupons inside the bags. Free candy if you want to stock up for Halloween or your candy dish at home:)

Friday, October 9, 2009

McCormick spices that I got...

@ HT: ginger $2.19, poultry seasoning $1.89, pumpkin pie spice $2.14, garlic powder $1.39 = $7.61-$4 q's = 3.61, and got $3 oyno

@ FL: chili powder $2.17, ground cumen $3.72, oregano leaves $1.67, parsley flakes $1.62 = $9.18-$4 q's = 5.18 - $3 oyno from HT = $2.18, and got $3 oyno

$2.79 for 8 spices...not a bad deal

The Fragrance Collection by Glade

Looks like print limit is reached on website, sorry.
If you really want some candles and have some $1 coupons from the inserts, you can still do the Walgreens/Rebate deal.

Also, there are "Buy any Glade Scented Oil candles holder and get a refill pack FREE (up to $3.99) exp 1/31/10" blinkies in FoodLion by the candles. You could buy 2 tins and get the two refills free to meet the rebate.

This game provided by Glade allows you to play a game to try to win a candle, and allows you access to $3.50 coupon.

Right now Walgreens has the 4.5 oz soy candles for $3.99, AND these qualify for SC Johnson $5 rebate. Soooo, buy 3 of these candles and use 3 coupons and get all for $1.47 and get back $5 rebate (takes 6 weeks) = $3.53 MM (money maker).

SC Johnson $5 Rebate (download and print form here)
Get $5 back by mail when you purchase ANY 3 SC Johnson Products, including:
• Ziploc®, Glade®, Windex®, Scrubbing Bubbles®, Pledge®, Shout®, Fantastik®, Drano®, Raid®, Off®, Saran™, Nature’s Source™
To receive your mail-in rebate:
1. Purchase any THREE SC Johnson products from the list above between 10/1/09 through 6/30/10. Twin-packs and multi-packs are considered as single product purchase.
2. Write the three UPC bar code numbers from the product packages in the space provided
3. Send the original dated, store-identified cash register receipts, with the purchase prices of the products circled

Thursday, October 8, 2009

On a side note....I always get this question

"How do you save so much money on groceries? There are never coupons for the things that I like."

Answer: As a hard-core couponer, it's really hard to be brand-loyal. If you have a list of a few certain items that you HAVE to have, then you can get away with that. For the most part, the coupons and specials available to me dictate what I buy. When something that I really love puts out a coupon or goes on sale, I will sometimes buy some coupons online (ebay) to have in the future (pending expiration date). You can get 10 coupons for about $1, that are worth $10-$25 in value.

I always buy yogurt, but I buy whatever is on sale and has a coupon. Never pay more than $1 for a 6-pack of YoPlait YoPlus or Activia (these two always have coupons out), and during super doubles they're only pennies. I stock up on staples (pasta, rice, beans, can goods, etc.) when it's on sale AND has a coupon.

Buying whatever is on sale also allows for me to mix it up a bit. I love to cook, and making meals out of what I can get on sale is the most fun of it. It makes going out to eat hard, because we'll pay for two date-nights out what I spend on groceries in a month.

Feel free to post any questions that you may have!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

starting tomorrow....

@ FL
  • All detergent B1G1F 6.45 original price, $3.23 on sale. Use $2 off q from this past Sunday = $1.23
  • Country style ribs 88¢/lb
  • Boston Butt 78¢/lb (the cheapest I have seen it)
  • McCormick Spices 30% off at FL, pair up with Catalina deal to get cheap spices, not all spices are included in sale (oregano was $1.62 not on sale, lg parsley was $1.62 not on sale, small chili powder was $2.17 not on sale, small ground cumen was $3.72 not on sale)
@ HT
  • large eggs @ HT 39¢ EVIC
  • Grands biscuits @ HT B1G1 (and Catalina deal, buy 4 get $2, buy 5 get $3, buy 6 get $4)
  • Muellers Whole grain pasta (rotini, spaghetti, penne) $1, 55¢ q here makes it FREE
  • McCormick Spices 50% off at HT, pair up with Catalina deal (above link) lg. cinnamon, ground allspice, ground pepper, ginger, nutmeg, sage, whole cloves, stick cinnamon, cream of tartar, garlic powder, ground cloves, pumpkin pie spice, rubbed sage, poultry seasoning, whole allspice)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

HT this week

  • Palermo Pizzas are B1G1F ($3.59), then use $1 off coupon (click on image above and print)
  • E-VIC Special: 18.8oz Campbell’s Chunky Soup – limit 1 for 88¢
Buy 2 cans, use the $1/2 coupon and pay $1.38 for two cans
Buy 2 cans, use the 40¢/2 coupon and pay $1.58 for two cans

  • Whole fryer chickens are 57¢/lb (limit 4)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Super Doubles not happening:(

There was a McCormick's Spice coupons $1 when the Green Giant vegetables were out. There might still be some $1 q's at Pair this coupon with their catalina deal, to get cheap spices

Buy 2 get $1
Buy 3 get $2
or Buy 4 or more and get a $3 coupon off your next order
(no size restrictions indicated)

also...$1/1 McCormick Black Pepper, Spice Or Herb, Extract Or Food Color, Any Bottle - 08-30-09 RP - exp 10/04

Monday, September 21, 2009

Yankee Candle coupon

With the approaching holidays, who doesn't love some seasonal candles?!?!
Yankee Candle has out two great coupons right now, click on links for printable coupons...
Right now Bed Bath & Beyond have their Farmers Market, Autumn Wreath and Spiced Pumpkin 25% off, and you can use the manufacturer coupon to save BIG! You can NOT use the store coupon (20% or $5/$15) in addition to the manufacturer coupon. The man q is the better deal!

Scenario #1:
Buy 1 large candle
Buy 1 small candle
use $10 off $25 q
Total $26.23 - $10 q = $16.23 + tax for both

Scenario #2: (if they will accept this coupon, since it states "regularly-priced")
Buy 3 large candles
Use Buy 2, Get 3rd free q
Total $37.48 + tax for 3 large candles = $12.50 each

Scenario 2 is the better deal if you can use that coupon. If so, that's 50% off the regular price!

4th round at HT

*coupons were either from internet printables (IP) or newspaper inserts

The GM promo is actually cumulative items, so if you purchased 16, 17, 17 items toward it (like I did) you only would have to buy 10 items on this round to get the $5 off.

10x frozen Green Giant vegetables = $8.91 (only had 1 IP left)

Reynolds foil = $1.20 (insert)
Cat litter= $2.97 (no q)
A&H Pet Fresh = 99¢ (insert)

saved $5 instantly from buying first items (in-store promotion)
used $3 oyno coupon from yesterday
$6.76 paid,
got $3 off my next order
......saved $22.02

3rd round at HT

*coupons were either from internet printables (IP) or newspaper inserts

5x frozen Green Giant vegetables = 96¢ (IP)
5x Totinos Pizza Rolls = 3.18¢ (IP) donated to a family
1x Betty Crocker Frosting = free (IP)
2x Betty Crocker Cake Mix = 50¢ (IP)
3x Chex Mix = 51¢ (IP)

Mt. Olive Dill Pickle chips = 89¢ (insert)
Mt. Olive banana peppers= 89¢ (insert)
Tabasco = free (insert)
Hidden Valley Ranch = $1.30
Kotex Pantyliner = free (IP)
Ground Chuck = $3.23
5 onions markdown bag = $1.08
shredded cole slaw bag = 99¢
Jimmy Dean breakfast entree = 25¢ (insert)

saved $5 instantly from buying first 5 lines (in-store promotion)
used $3 oyno coupon from yesterday
used $3 oyno of beef or chicken from yesterday
used $2 oyno coupon from yesterday
$1.26 paid,
got $3 off my next order
......saved $54.90

Thursday, September 17, 2009

2nd round at HT

*coupons were either from internet printables (IP) or newspaper inserts

5x frozen Green Giant vegetables = 96¢ (IP)
4x Old El Paso beans = $1.40 (IP)
1x Old El Paso shell = 60¢ (IP)
1x Old El Paso tortilla = 60¢ (IP)
5x Grands biscuits = $3.00 (IP)
1x Wanchai Ferry = $3.99 (insert)

Mission tortillas = 34¢ (insert)
Marie Callender Pasta Al Dente = 25¢ (insert)
Bumble Bee Tuna Packet = free (insert)
Whole Chicken = $4.32

saved $5 instantly from buying first 5 lines (in-store promotion)
used $3 oyno coupon from yesterday
used $3 oyno of beef or chicken from yesterday
$4.66 paid,
got $3 off my next order of beef/chicken
got $3 off my next order coupon from OEP
got $2 off my next order coupon from Pillsbury
......saved $48.47

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

1st round of HT triples

*coupons were either from internet printables (IP) or newspaper inserts

5x frozen Green Giant vegetables = 96¢ (IP)
4x Old El Paso taco seasoning packets = free (IP)
2x Old El Paso fajita seasoning packets = free (IP)
5x Totino Pizza rolls = $3.18 (insert)

Mahatma Rice x 2 = free (insert)
Mahatma Rice x 2 = free (insert)
Barilla Piccolini = free (insert)
Barilla Whole Grain Plus spaghetti= 25¢ (insert)
Barilla Whole Grain penne= free (insert)
Morton Season All = 34¢ (insert)
Reese's PB Cups 8 pack = free (insert)
Chex Mix (Hot n' Spicy)= 17¢ (IP)
Wonder Bread = 34¢ (IP)
Dial Handsoap = 35¢ (IP)
Angel Soft 4 pack double rolls = $1.69 (insert)
Simply Asia noodle bowl = 49¢ (IP)
Simply Asia noodle bowl = 49¢ (IP)
saved $5 instantly from buying first 4 lines (in-store promotion)
$3.71 paid, got $3 off my next order of beef/chicken and $3 off my next order coupon......saved $56.82

Monday, September 14, 2009

HT deals for triples starting Wednesday

GM (General Mills) is doing another "Buy 15 items, save $5 instantly". You can save extra by purchasing items that have catalinas out also, which includes [Pillsbury Grands Biscuits, Green Giant frozen boxed vegetables, Old El Paso products (OEP)]. Combining sales, coupons, and catalinas make these items a BIG money maker (MM).

OEP, Buy 6 items (shells, dinner kits, seasonings, refried beans, or heat & serve side dishes) and get a $3 coupon for off your next order (oyno). Seasoning packets are 79¢, shells are $1.50, Dinner kits are $2, refried beans are $1.25.

Green Giant, Buy 5 boxes and get $3 coupon for oyno, Buy 4 and get $2 oyno, Buy 3 and get $1 oyno. These are gonna be on sale for 99¢ each. GG frozen boxed veggies ARE included

Pillsbury Grands, Buy 5 rolls (all sizes) and get $2 oyno, Buy 4 and get $1.50 oyno, Buy 3 and get $1 oyno. Grands biscuits are BOGO.

Also available under the GM deal are the Totino's Pizza Rolls (small boxes 15 ct) B2G3F, Wanchai Ferry Frozen Entrees $5.99, Chex Mix $1.67.

On sale, but not in GM deal are Green Giant (can corn peas or green beans)-B2G3

Internet printables are/were available at and (a lot of these have reached print limit and were removed)

My trip will include:
(5) GG frozen veggies for 45¢ (use 2x 50¢/2 and 1x 50¢/1)
(6) OEP seasoning packets for free (use 3x 60¢/2)
(5) Totino's Pizza rolls boxes for $3.18 (use 1x 40¢/2 because they are B2G3)

ends up being a $1.82 MM, but will buy produce to fill it to break even (since HT doesn't give overage) and I will get a $3 oyno q for beef/chicken (from OEP) and a $3 oyno coupon (from GG). That's being paid $7+ to walk out with over $25 worth of groceries.

You can "roll" this catalina deal by using the $3 oyno coupons into another deal. For instance, I will take my $3 oyno q from GG and use it again to do another round of veggies, Wanchai Ferry, Grands, and Chex Mix deal and get another round of "oyno coupons" to use for produce.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sound the alarm...HT is having triples next week 16th-22nd

I've already started collecting Green Giant frozen vegetable coupons from and (and there are some coming out in this coming up Sunday's paper), which will pair nicely with their catalina deal.

Buy any Green Giant Frozen Boxed Vegetables and save up to $3.00 on a future shopping order.
Purchase dates 9/11-10/4
Buy 3 & get $1.00
Buy 4 & get $2.00
Buy 5 or more & get $3.00 coupon off your next order.

Another good one is the Old El Paso taco q's online 60¢.

Once I see an ad, I'll let you all know about what is on VIC. Until then, collect those <$1.00 q's.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

deals at HT this week, soup/stew stock up time

Yes you can Sale: Buy 10 HT canned items, and get an extra $1 off with your VIC card. Perfect timing for soup and stew weather coming up, so I'm gonna grab 5 cans of tomatoes and 5 cans of beans (see flyer for items included) . Totals $5.70, so at 57¢/can you can't beat it!

Save $3 when you purchase any 7 participating Quaker Products with your VIC card.
Quaker Instant Oatmeal 2/$4 (use $1.25/2 q x11/30), buy 2
Quaker Instant Grits 89¢ each (use $1 off any 2 x 12/31), buy 2
Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix ($1.99) and Syrup ($2.49) (use $1 off any two), buy any 2
Quaker Granola Bars 2/$4 (use $1 off any 2 at, buy 2
$10.01-$3 (instant savings) = $7.01 for 8 items
you can save more if you only buy 7 items, but my coupons are all x/2

HT tomato sauce 8oz. (5/$1)
HT canned corn, green beans, peas (3/$1)
HT milk $1.97

Thursday, September 3, 2009

FL meat deals this week

There is a $5/$20 meat FLIP floating around, try this link. Remember, the $20 total is pre-MVP price so use those to add your total and maximize.

I did this deal yesterday...
ButterBall Ground Turkey @ $3.29 (used $1 MQ) =$2.29
ButterBall Ground Turkey @ $3.29 (used $1 MQ) =$2.29
Boneless Chicken Breast Fillets 2.00 lbs $5.62 = MVP $2.81
Boneless Chicken Breast Fillets 1.15 lbs $9.78 = MVP $4.90
$21.98 preMVP, $12.29 - $5 Q = $7.29

You can also use this for the ribs that are on special
$4.49/lb regular, $2.99/lb on MVP
Buy 4.5 lbs of ribs for $13.46 - $5 FLIP = $8.46 (~1.88/lb)

You can also use this for snow crab legs that are on special
$6.99/lb regular, $3.99/lb on MVP
Buy 3 lbs of legs for $11.97 - $5 FLIP = $6.97 (~2.32/lb)

FYI, if you use this FLIP on markdown meats it is the final markdown price that is used not the pre-MVP price. You can use it for the ribeyes too, but not sure of the original (pre-MVP) price. You might have to do the math on those:)

Let me know if you have any ?'s with it, and stock those freezers up.

Free Chick-Fil-A Sandwich on Labor Day, just wear a sports team logo

Monday, August 24, 2009

Super Doubles at HT again...August 26th-Sept.1st

I think they're trying to keep me in that store every week between triples and super doubles this month! Time to get your $1 and $1.50 q's piled up!
Any coupons under $1.98 face value will double...$1=$2, $1.50=$3, etc.

Some of the freebies and goodies I'm picking up!
Dole Fruit Bowls in Sugar-Free gel 2/$3 = FREE w/ $1 q from
Yoplait YoPlus 4-pack yogurt $1.39 = FREE w/ $1 q from
Motts 6pack applesauce 2/$3 = FREE w/$1 q from this link
Split Chicken breasts 88¢/lb
Green Seedless Grapes 88¢/lb
Bounty 6 pk big rolls paper towels $5.88 - $2 (q from inserts) = $3.88

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

starting tomorrow

@ HT
-Strawberries are B1G2F
-FREE Smithfield bacon...
  • Go to:
  • Click on: Sign up
  • Register your email address
  • Print coupon, and click the back arrow to print it twice
  • = 2 packs of free bacon this week
10/$10 items (Manwich, Michaelina's Lean Gourmet Meals, Hunt's Ketchup)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Triples at HT starting tomorrow 12th-18th

Tripling up to 99¢ coupon value (50¢=$1.00, 75¢=$2.25, etc.)

In addition, GM is having a promo.
Save $5 wyb 15 select General Mills:
"Save $5 instantly when you buy ANY 15 participating* General Mills products using your VIC card. (Offer redeemed instantly at checkout. Products must be purchased in a singe shopping visit with your VIC cars. Limit (1) $5 Reward Per Transaction offer valid 8/12/09-8/18/09"

"*Participating Products: General Mills Cereal (Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Golden Grahams, Reese's Puffs, Trix, Apple Cinnamon Cheerios, Berry Burst Cheerio), Nature Valley Bars (assorted), Pillsbury (Grands biscuits, Crescent Rolls, Cinamon Rolls, Trad. Dinner Breads, Taster Scrambles and Streudels, Ready to Bake cookies, Savoring Bites, Golden Layers Biscuits) Chex Mix, Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers (w. sauce), Totino's roll and snacks (assorted), Old El Paso Dinner Kits, Betty Crocker (Suddenly Salad), Spec. Potatoes, Supreme Brownie Mix, Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Roll ups, Fruit shapes, Fruit Gushers, Fruit Stickerz, Cookie Mix, Warm Delights), Macaroni Grill Rest Favorities, Progresso Trad. Soup, Wanchai Ferry Dinner and meal Kits."

I'm using these for my 1st day GM deal
  • Totino's Pizza Rolls 15 ct B2G3; 55¢/2 q
  • Wanchai Ferry Complete Meal Kits $5.99 (assuming these are the big bags as on EL, reg $8.99); Wanchai Ferry Frozen Entree q x 10/3/09 from insert $2 = $3.99
  • BC Warm Delights $1.89; 50¢ q

Deals ending today at FL

Sorry it's so late, but I haven't had a chance to shop myself and just made my list for today. I've been in Wilson watching my dad umpire 12U World Series Softball, talk about hottttt!!! It is a prestigious invitation to umpire the world series, and we were so proud of him. He had a lot more supporters than most of the players!
Hopefully some of you can swing in today and take advantage of these great deals.

  • Capri-Suns 3/$6, pair it up with this FLIP to make it $1 each
  • Hi-C 2/$4, pair it up with this FLIP to make it $1 each
  • NY strip steaks are $5.99/lb, pair it up with this FLIP to make it $4.99 for 1 lber
  • Remember to play the Guiding Stars game, and get $1 off any nutritional item (produce, meat, eggs, milk, whole grain pasta, can/frozen veggies, etc.)
  • Smart Option Milk ($2.99) and 1 Smart Option frozen pizza (50¢), and use this FLIP to earn $1 off and it counts toward your milk credits for B6G1F
  • Butterball Deep Fried Turkey Breast Sandwich meat B1G1 reg price $3.49 - $1q (smartsource; zip code 30013) = 75¢ each or $2.49 for two; I haven't tried this yet, so I'm not sure if it rings up 1/2 price or you have to buy 2

Friday, July 31, 2009

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

HT ground turkey

$6.97 for 4 lbs of ground turkey (in freezer bag) = $1.74/lb
At this price, I will buy in bulk and separate into 1 lb/freezer bag and it's a lot less fattening than ground beef/chuck.

2 day sale at FoodLion (Sat and Sun)

Sale starts at 8am this Saturday

Quilted Northern 12 double rolls or 9 mega rolls toilet tissue $4.99
$1 q from this past Sunday = $3.99

Ragu (45 oz) will be cheap at FL starting 7/29, for $2 each.
Pair it up with this FLIP (HCW) AND this IP (Spanish) to make it $1 for two jars.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Super Doubles, 2nd trip

1-Success Brown Rice = FREE
2-Old Orchard Healthy Balance Juice = $3.58
1-Fiber One Yogurt Multipack = 69¢
1-Yakisoba Noodle Bowl = 30¢
3-Mentos Gum = $1.17
3-Tyson Chicken Tenders = $3.99 (Philip's microwavable lunch, god bless him)
1-Alexia Waffle Chips = 89¢
2-Kashi GoLean Waffles = 78¢

$12.23 oop, $29.63 saved, 13 q's

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Super Double Deals for today...

3-Excedrin (RC $1.99) = FREE (finally, I've been waiting for 3 months to get these)
2-Fiber One Multipack Yogurt = 69¢ each
2-Turkey Hill 1/2 gallons tea = 50¢ (only 2 left of all flavors)
2-Wholly Guacamole = FREE
2-Borden Single Sensations = FREE
2-Filippo Berio Olive Oil = $2.75 each
2-Savannah hushpuppies = $1.00 each
2-Hefty Ziploc Bags = 34¢ each (FYI: my second blinkie beeped and had to have a MO)

$10.86 oop, $41.11 saved, 16 q's

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Birthday deals...sign yourself up!

This year I received a bunch of deals for my birthday, so I thought I would remind all of you to sign-up online to receive some for yourselves!

Red Robin (free gourmet burger of your choice, dine-in only)
Moe's Southwest (free entree of your choice, excluding fajitas)
Mimi's Cafe ($10 off $20)
Firebirds ($10 off $20)
Chili's (free dessert with purchase of an entree; and free chips/queso just for signing up)
Red Lobster (free appetizer or dessert with purchase of an entree)
Baskin Robbins (free scoop of icecream)
TGI Friday's (free dessert with purchse of an entree)
Sonic (free regular creamslush/tater tot/or beverage)

New ones that I just signed up to receive
Olive Garden
Sweet Tomatoes (buy 1 meal, get 1 their salad bar)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another Coach Outlet Coupon

For those of you going by an outlet store this weekend, and just can't contain yourself...

FoodLion FLIPS

Sometimes my co-workers want copies of all of the FLIPS that are out there, so I decided to put them up. Since these are all different, you can print them each once. If you have already printed the FLIPS that you got Wednesday, you will only be able to print three of these. Other FLIPS courtesy of HCW subscribers.

If you aren't subscribed to receive weekly emails on Wednesdays for...
FL's FLIPS, do it here
and here for Harris Teeter

$1 off (1) FL Sweetener Product
$1 off (1) FL Shredded Cheese
$1 off $5 purchase in Bakery Dept
$1 off (1) FL soda 12 pack
Web Coupons

$1 off (1) Splenda Sweetener Product
$1 off (1) Kraft Shredded Cheese
$1 off $5 purchase in Bakery Dept
$1 off (1) FL soda 12 pack
Web Coupons

$1.00 off any Food Lion Sweetener product
$1.00 off Kraft Shredded Cheese
$2.00 off any purchase of $5.00 or more from our Produce Department
$1.00 off one (1) 12 pack of any Food Lion soda
Web Coupons

$1.00 off any Splenda Sweetener product
$1.00 off Kraft Shredded Cheese
$2.00 off any purchase of $5.00 or more from our Produce Department
$1.00 off one (1) 12 pack of any Food Lion soda
Web Coupons

Monday, July 13, 2009

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Weekly Specials

HT this week
Split chicken breasts for 77¢/lb (even better than FL)
Gallon of milk $1.97
Digiorno Flatbread Melts $2.50 & pair w/ 75¢ coupon from insert expiring 8/17 to make it $1

FL this week
Bing Cherries $1.99/lb (pair it up w/ this Guiding Stars coupon after taking the quiz for $1 off)

Smithfield Canadian Maple Ham or Black Forest Ham $5.99 for 2 lbs
use this $3 off of $10 (pre-MVP price) to make it $2.99 for 2 lbs.*
use this $1 off Smithfield ham to make it $1.99 for 2 lbs

*coupon is to make an On the Go Bistro meal, but when printed it only states off of a deli/bakery purchase

I did this yesterday and got 1.65 lbs of cherries, 1.05 lbs of Black Forest Ham and 0.99 lbs of Canadian Maple Ham all for.......$4.55.

Monday, June 29, 2009

FREE Icecream at HT

Starbucks Pints are $3 now, and with HT doing super doubles this coupon* makes for free icecream. Who cares that I have to be in a bathing suit in 4 days, I need CARAMEL MACCHIATO!

(*website works in Internet Explorer)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Coach Outlet Coupon

I might have to go to Smithfield this weekend to take advantage of this one:)
Coupon on top of already discounted bags, say it isn't so!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Heads up...HT doing super double coupons June 24th-30th

Word is out that HT is doubling coupons up to $1.98 ($1 q becomes $2, $1.50 q becomes $3), and it will probably replace triples this month.

I am going to put a pile of 75¢ q's aside just in case, but looks like we need to find those $1 and $1.50 q's for the end of June.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Cheap split chicken breasts at FL

FL currently has split chicken breasts for 97¢/lb, and pair it up with this Food Lion Internet Printable coupon to get cheap chicken breasts. The special ends tomorrow!

My scenario:
3.87 lbs of chicken breasts = $7.70-$3.95 (MVP)- $2 off= $1.79

Sorry...only KMart participating in doubles is Concord NC

When I get info it's rarely off, but this time it was. Sorry! It was apparently a big mess-up within Kmart Customer Service. If you did call or email KMart CS and get confirmation that they were participating, they have to honor that so print out your email if you have it.

I, however, will not be going to KMart until they do decide to do super doubles.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kmart Super Double (some prices checked)

These were some items I checked yesterday, I will add to it tomorrow also. In bold were the best deals, not looking great though.

Excedrin ES 24 ct $4.49 ($1 q)
Softsoap Ensembles 8.3 oz Hand Soap $5.99 ($1 q)
Off insect repellent $5.29 ($1 q)
Lysol Disinfectant Spray $5 until 6/08 ($2 q)
Banana Boat Suncare $7.99 ($1 q)
Johnson and Johnson Bodycare Lotion $6.39 ($2 q)
Off clip on starter $8.79 (B1G1 q, $2 off q)
Off clip on refill $3.79 ($1 q)
Glade Scented Oil Candles $6.49 ($2 q)
Purina Carvers Dog Snacks $3 until 6/08 ($1 q)
Goodlife Food $4.99 until 6/08 ($2 peelies)
Stayfree Product $3.49 ($2 on 2 q)
Cutter Product $5.79 ($2 q) Skinsations 4 oz
Raid Ant and Roach Spray $4.39 ($1 q)
Raid Ant and Roach Bait $2.89 ($1 q)
Softsoap Ensembles Liquid refills $5.99 ($1.50 q)
Pledge Fabric Sweeper $3.79 until 6/08 ($1 q)
Pledge Multisurface Products (Duster and duster refills) 2/$5 until 6/08 ($1 q)
Complete Multi-purpose Solution 12 oz w/ lens holder $9.45 ($2 q)
Pedigree Goodbites treats $2.99 until 6/08 ($1 q)
Pedigree Jumbone (1) $2.99 until 6/08 ($1 q)
Oust Disinfectant and Air Sanitzer $3.29 (not sure of end date) ($2 q)=FREE
Temptations treats $1.89 ($1 q )=FREE
Band-Aids $2.49 ($1 q)
Aveeno facial care products $5.99 ($1.50 q) cleanser pads, cleanser
Listerine Total Care 500 mL $4.29 ($2, $1 q's)
Gold Bond Ultimate Lotion/Cream $4.29 ($2 q)
Pringles 2/$3 until 6/08 ($1 off two q)
Goodlife Treats for Cats $2 until 6/08 ($1 q)
MaxFactor Mascara, Lash Curler, Eyeshadow $5.49 ($2 q)
Hawaiian tropic $5 on sale ($1 q, $2 q printable)=$1 sunblock..eeeeeekkkkk!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chili's q's

$5 off purchase of two entrees (including 10 for under $7)

That would be $14 for two smaller portion entree's - $5 = $9
You might be able to add a small side salad for $2 extra, making it only $13!


free chips and queso with an entree purchase

My HT trip today...

I live only 6 minutes from work, and I have a HT on my way so this makes it super easy for me to catch these deals weekly. For those who don't live so close to a HT, talk with friends/co-workers that shop there and plan a schedule and exchange lists/VIC cards/q's/and cash. You can do separate orders using separate VIC cards, making it easy to shop for others.

Deer Park 2 x 6 packs of water ($2 each) $4 before q
- printable coupon for $1 off two packs = $3

Philadelphia Cream Cheese x 2 = $2.50 before q
- printable coupon from for $1 off two bricks = $1.50 for two

Hefty Cups $1.32
- 75¢ q from N&O (doubles to $1.50) = FREE

Hot Pocket Paninis $1.97 before q
- 50¢ q from N&O (doubles to $1.00) = 97¢

Excedrin 24 ct Geltabs $1.99 before q
- 1.00 printable coupon for $1 off = 99¢

Kmart Super Double Coupons starts 6/7

This has been confirmed for all NC stores, but call or ask manager to make sure. Get those $2 q's ready. I'm thinking cheap/free dog treats, band-aids, candles, bug repellent, sun block, lotion. I'm checking prices today, so I'll post tomorrow what's looking good!

Manufacturer Coupons up to $2 ($2 doubles to $4, $1.50 doubles to $3, $1 doubles to $2)
-Does not include Kmart Store Coupons
-Does not include Kmart Pharmacy Store Coupons
-Does not include copies of manufacturer coupons
-Limit 10 total coupons per customer per day
-Doubled up to current retail price of a single item

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Round 3 at HT triples, sandwich stuff!

Tabasco Sauce $1.00 VIC 50¢ 50¢ FREE
Kraft Ranch Dressing $1.45 VIC 1.50 FREE
Lawry’s Marinade $1.64 VIC 75¢ 1.10 FREE
Yakisoba Noodle Bowl 64¢ VIC 35¢ 0.70 24¢
Crisco Puritan Oil $3.79 75¢ 1.50 1.54
Pillsbury Frosting $1.99 55¢ 1.10 34¢
Bumble Bee Tuna $1.29 55¢ 1.10 FREE
Steamfresh Broccoli $2.00 VIC 1.00 off two 1.50
Streamfresh Corn $2.00 VIC 1.50
Kraft Deluxe Swiss Cheese $3.29 75¢ 1.50 1.04
Kraft Singles Cheese $2.29 1.00 off wyb Oscar meyer 1.29
Heluva Good Cheese $2.50 50¢ 1.00 1.00
Oscar Meyer Deli Shaved Ham $3.99 75¢ 1.50 1.74
Oscar Meyer Deli Shaved Turk $3.99 75¢ 1.50 1.74
Deli Creations Sandwich $2.99 75¢ 1.50 74¢
12.67 + tax
saved $28.73, 70% off!!!

Round 2 at HT triples, B1G1 meats!

RC = rain check from week before sale prices
- = overage

Off repellent $3.49 55¢ 1.10 $1.84
Snyder’s Pretzel Pieces $2.50 75¢ 1.50 25¢
Off repellent $3.49 75¢ 1.50 $1.84
Wholly Guacamole $1.99 (RC $1) 1.00 FREE
Wholly Guacamole $1.99 (B1G1) 1.99
Wholly Guacamole $1.99 1.99 FREE
Turkey Burgers $3.99 B1G1 1.99
Turkey Burgers $3.99 B1G1 1.99
2 Pork Tenderloins 2.69lbs $16.11 B1G1 8.05
French’s Worcestershire $1.00 (RC) 50¢ 1.50 -50¢
French’s Worcestershire $1.00 (RC) 50¢ 1.50 -50¢
French’s Worcestershire $1.00 (RC) 50¢ 1.50 -50¢
Lloyd’s Chicken BBQ $3.49 75¢ 1.50 1.24
Wacky Mac Veggie Spirals 79¢ 50¢ 29¢ FREE
$17.69 + tax out of pocket
before q's = $46.82
saved $29.13 (64% savings)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Round 1 at HT triples, quite a success

Orig. Price Coupon Multiplied Final (- indicates overage)

Hefty Cups $2.79 75¢ 1.50 54¢

Viva Big Roll $1.94 40¢ 0.80 74¢

Chi Chi Salsa $2.79 55¢ 1.10 $1.14

Margaret Holmes Tomato $1.29 35¢ 0.70 24¢

French’s Spicy Brown $1.89 75¢ 1.50 -36¢

French’s Honey Mustard $2.69 75¢ 1.50 44¢

Glade Carpet Powder $2.49 75¢ 1.49 25¢

Wacky Veggie Spirals $0.80 50¢ 1.00 -70¢

Wacky Veggie Spirals $0.80 50¢ 1.00 -70¢

Wacky Veggie Spirals $0.80 75¢

Wacky Veggie Spirals $0.80 75¢

Texas Pete 12 oz. $1.79 40¢ 0.80 59¢

Texas Pete 6 oz $0.99 0.99 FREE

3 x Texas Pete Chili $2.00 50¢/3 1.00 50¢

Snyder’s Pretzel Pieces $2.50 75¢ 1.50 25¢

Bumble Bee Tuna $1.29 55¢ 0.74 FREE

Bumble Bee Tuna $1.29 55¢ 0.74 FREE

Bumble Bee Tuna $1.29 55¢ 0.74 FREE

Skintimate Shave gel $2.00 75¢ 1.50 -25¢

Lady’s Mitchum deodorant $1.84 75¢ 1.09 FREE

2.78 + .50 (tax)= $3.28 OOP

saved $39.40, paid $3.28

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Good prices at HT this week

Starting today...

Tabasco 75¢ q = FREE
Wishbone Salad Dressing 75¢ q = FREE
Wholly Guacamole $1 printable q = FREE
Wholly Salsa FREE when you buy a guacamole (from this past Sunday's paper)

CoolWhip $1 off of two printable q = $1 for two
SteamFresh Veggies $1 off of two q = $3.00 for two (not a great price, but OK)
BallPark Hotdogs VIC B1G1, $1 off of two q FREE buns when you buy 2 packs of BallPark Hotdogs
A.1. Sauce $1 printable q = $2.99 (pair with $1 off meat when you buy 10 oz or larger A.1.)
Breakstone Sourcream $1 off of two q = $2.00 for two

FYI: I ALWAYS freeze guacamole/hotdogs/CoolWhip when they're on sale like this, and they keep nicely.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009

For all you mommy's out there...Kids Eat Free site

I can't imagine how hard it must be to take a family of four out to eat, especially considering the economy these days. Check out these websites for your local restaurants that cater to kids and thrifty parents:)

Cheap shredded or block cheese at HT

HT is having Kraft Naturals Shredded or Block Cheese B2G3F (buy 2, get 3 free) this week.
If you were lucky to print out the $1 off 2 coupons from, it makes this deal even sweeter.

The breakdown...$3.29 x 2 = $6.58 - $2 off (2 printable coupons) = $4.58 for 5 bags of cheese
Cheese freezes well if you don't think you can use it all:) You do have to buy all 5 bags to get this deal though

Free Chinet Casual Lunch Plates at FL

They are on sale 2/$4 for 32 ct, and pair it up with the $2 off coupon from last Sunday's paper to make it free. You can use the $1 off q from the same page on the 44 ct pack also and pay only $1 for 76 paper plates.

Best of all, they're made from 100% recycled material and are biodegradable. Awesome product, awesome deal! Just in time for Memorial Day weekend cookouts.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Deal for this week at HT...

They are having a Kraft promo, buy 3 items get $3 off your order.

The Velveeta Shells and Cheese Cups are on sale for $1, buy 3 and get $3 off your order. Original, 2% and broccoli flavors.

To sweeten this deal, use these printable coupons ($1.50 off of two) to get overage.

Now they won't give you money back in hand, so shop in store to cover the overage and make out with some freebies.

So the scenario goes...
Buy 3 cups for $3, get automatic $3 off. Use 1 coupon, get $1.50 overage toward another item.
Repeat for a total of $3 of overage:)

Other items included in deal...

*Velveeta Shells & Cheese Cups (2.19 - 2.44 oz.) -- 5/$5
$1.50/2 Kraft Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese Or Velveeta Shells & Cheese Products, Any (Bricks Link)

*Kraft Light Parmesan Asiago Balsamic and Light Sicilian Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette Dressings (16 oz.) -- $2.99 ea.
$1.50/1 Kraft coming out Sunday

*Kraft Mayo with Olive Oil, Spicy and Coleslaw Maker (18 oz.) -- 2/$5
$1/1 Kraft Mayonnaise, Any 18 Oz. + - 04-26-09 SS

*Oscar Mayer Beef & Cheddar Franks (16 oz.) -- 2/$8

*Oreo Fun Stix (5 oz.) -- $3.29 ea.
$1.50/2 Nabisco Oreo Cookies, Fun Stix Or Cakesters, Any (1) 5 Oz. + And (1) Milk, Any Gallon (tearpad)

*Nabisco Classics (iced oatmeal, french vanilla creme or spiced ginger cookies) -- 2/$5

*Planters Harvest Blends (9.75 - 11 oz.) -- 2/$10

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

HT triples confirmed for...

April 29th thru May 5th. Yes, another whole week. Start clipping those $0.75 q's for next week. I think there are some expiring on the 30th, so plan your trips early:) I'll post with more info as I receive it.

Monday, April 13, 2009

My new favorite gladiator flats

They're gonna be my staple shoe next to my flops this spring and summer. To keep my casual wear easy, but also to dress up my floor-length summer concert dresses. I scored these at TJ Maxx for a whopping $27.99, and they are unbelievably comfortable. Misty calls them my Troy sandals:)

Earth Day is approaching...know your numbers

So after being stuck in the house this weekend without a car, I caught up on my "green" shows (Wa$ted) and thought I would post about some recycling today. These shows are real eye-openers for even avid recyclers like myself. We can all do a little bit more to help out!

1) Try to purchase items with a low recycle number. The general trend is that the lower the number is, the easier it is to recycle. Numbers can be found on the bottom of bottles/containers.

2) Check with your city or town to ensure that they recycle all materials. Wake County Recycling Website. Wake County recycles all materials!!! If it has number, it's recycleable.

3) Every little bit helps, and you'd be amazed at how easy it is to help our environment.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Don't be scared of those credit card companies

"No one ever achieved financial security by being weak and scared. Confidence is contagious; it will bring more into your life."

~Suze Orman

After skimming over my online credit card bill statement, I quickly saw that I was victim of the increase in APR. I about had a coronary. So I decided to take Suze's advice and try to get a lower APR on my one and only credit card. I haven't made a purchase in over 5 years, and have been trying to pay it off. I did just as Suze said, know your history!!!

1) I had been a loyal customer to this company since 1997 (freshman year at college, they always get you).
2) I had only been late on my payments three times in those 12 years
3) Most recently, I had often paid more than the minimum amount due
4) I had signed up for their paperless statement, online services and automatic draft

Armed with my information, I finally decided to email customer service. Suze recommended speaking over the phone with someone, but I took the alternative route. First attempt, shot down.

Hello, did you not read my letter where I indicated that I was making my payments online, and have been up to date. I responded back with...

"Again, suggestions for making my payments more convenient will not assist me since I make my payments on time by using the online payment (as you suggested). My business is obviously not appreciated, and Chase can expect for my account to be paid in full within the year. "

They quickly responded back with...

Dear Melissa,
Thank you for your inquiry regarding your Annual Percentage Rate (APR). We appreciate the opportunity to resolve this issue with you.
Regretfully, there are no lower rates available for your purchase Annual Percentage Rate (APR). However, in an effort to demonstrate our desire to work with you in reference to your APR, we have moved your current balance to a promotional APR of 9.80% fixed for the life of the loan. Please be advised that new purchases will still be at your current purchase APR.

It was just that easy. I didn't want a lower purchase APR anyway, I want to try to pay off my balance faster. I am saving $50 each month by having done this. The first responder was an email customer service representative, but the second was a customer care specialist. When you threaten the words "close my account", they get nervous and pass you along to higher-ups. Please, save yourself some money and try this. Not only will it save you money, but it's very empowering knowing that you won't be dictated by these credit card companies. Weak and scared is so last year, confident is so in!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Downeast Communities

So, I was just looking at my sister's invitation for her going away/housewarming party and it had a map to Davis, NC. When it opened in google or whatever, it popped up 148 Willis Road, Beaufort NC. So I responded, you hain't no Beaufort grit. It makes me realize all of the silly stuff we say about downeast.

Beaufort grits
Per-lantic 'ers
Davis Shoremen
Harkers Island...?
Skeeter Islanders?

Help me out with any more, and if anyone knows where Beaufort grit came from it would settle my thought process.

TGI Fridays is doubling their stripes

A few weeks back I posted a coupon deal for TGI Fridays, and now they are having double stripe points. This means if you spend $20, they credit your card with $40. Again, once you spend $100 they send you a voucher for $8 via email. So sign up for their rewards program online.

Chicken deal at FoodLion

FoodLion has a great chicken meal deal.

Buy a 10 piece hot dark meat chicken box from the deli, and get a large On The Go (OTG) Bistro side for free. Pair it with the $3 off a $10 purchase coupon from this deal, by purchasing a small OTG side and a french bread loaf. Then add the $1 off an OTG side coupon.

This is the breakdown
10 piece chicken $6.99
Large OTG side free
Small OTG side $2.99
Coupon for OTG -$1.00
French bread $1.99
Coupon for meal deal -$3.00

All for only $7.97.

The mac and cheese and apples sides are my favorites. I can't guarantee that the coupons won't beep, but my FL approved them. At worst, you might not be able to use the $1 off coupon and it will be $8.97. Still a great deal for enough food for at least 4 meals.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

HT triples, trip 4

paid $3.90 out of pocket (OOP) for $9.18 worth of groceries.

source*store price of each*coupon*triple q*final price

1 Wholly Guacamole*N&O*$1.79*$1.00*doesn't multiply*$0.79
1 Heluva Good Cheese Block*online*$2.00*$0.50*$1.50*$0.50
1 Heluva Good Cheese Block*online*$2.00*$0.50*$1.50*$0.50
1 HT Trader Salsa*B1G1*$1.99

HT triples, trip 3

Used Pillsbury/General Mills deal (buy 10 items, get $4 instantly) again to pay $28.21 out of pocket (OOP) for $77.17 worth of groceries.

source*store price of each*coupon*triple q*final price

1 Del Monte Tomato*N&O*$1.50*$0.40*$1.20*$0.30
1 Worcestershire sauce*N&O*$1.79*$0.50*$1.50*$0.29
1 Blue Diamond Almonds*N&O*$3.00*$0.50*$1.50*$1.50
1 Welch's Light Grape*N&O*$3.65*$0.75*$2.25*$1.40
1 Welch's Light Mixed Berry*N&O*$3.65*$0.75*$2.25*$1.40
1 Hellmanns Mayo*N&O*$3.50*$0.60*$1.80*$1.70
3.75 lbs Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts*N&O*$6.75/lb*Buy1, Get 2 Free*$1.83/lb
Teriyaki Pork Tenderloin*N&O*$8.99*$1.00*doesn't multiply*$7.99
1 Veggie Discounted*$0.86
1 Veggie Discounted*$0.66
1 Kraft Singles Cheese*B1G1F*$1.54
1 Activia Yogurt*N&O*$2.50*$1.00*doesn't multiply*$1.50
1 Fiber One Yogurt*N&O*$2.89*$0.50*$1.50*$1.39
1 Totino Pizza*$1.27
1 Totino Pizza*$1.27
2 GG Broccoli and Cheese*online*$2.00*$0.60 off of 2*$1.80 off of 2*$0.20 for 2
2 GG Immunity Boost Veg*online*$2.00*$0.60 off of 2*$1.80 off of 2*$0.20 for 2
1 GG Healthy Vision Veg*$1.00
3 Grands Biscuits*blinkie*$2.34*$0.75 off of 3*$2.25 off of 3*$0.09 for 3

10 coupons to double, 2 didn't double

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Foodlion...heads up...starting tomorrow...just in time for grilling:)

FL is gonna have T-bones and Porterhouses @ $4.98/lb. and pair it up with a $1/$5 coupon from this matching game for really cheap steaks. I assume you can get 2 for about $9-$10, depending on weight per cut.

(edited 04/02/09) I did this yesterday and you can use two coupons if you buy 2 steaks. I got two t-bones for less than $8.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Sweet little tray table, you are mine:)

I was meaning to post this last week, but got so excited about HT triples that I forgot. It definitely deserves it's own full post anyway. So after my last loss of the most adorable little tray table at the flea market, I began my quest for it's sister/brother. I tried craigslist for a couple of weeks, and without success had put it off for a while. Then one day, one glorious day I found a post for a few random items from a moving sale. What was included in it? Only the mostest cutest little tray table. Best part of the story, the lady only wanted $20 for it.

I did as I said and made that little tray table mine, and it all worked out nicely. Philip even cooked me breakfast one morning and let it snuggle in the bed with me.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

2nd trip of triples, very small

I only went to buy Dawn Direct Foam Dish detergent and peanut butter, b/c I knew they would be sold out. I got lucky though, and the coupon gods were smiling down on me. $1.09 OOP, and $8.62 saved.

2 Dawn Direct Foam Citrus*N&O*$1.44*$0.50*$1.50*FREE

1 Skippy Natural Peanut Butter*N&O*$2.79*$0.60*$1.80*$0.99

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Triples this morning was a hit

Got all of my freebies/cheapies and combined it with the Pillsbury/General Mills deal (buy 10 items, get $4 instantly) to pay $0.29 out of pocket (OOP) for $51.64 worth of groceries. The last 4 (Totino's, GG veggies, Grands) on my list satistified the GM deal.

source*store price of each*coupon*triple q*final price

6 Mahatma Yellow Rice packets*N&O*$1.39*$0.75 off of 2*$2.25 off of 2*$1.59 for 6 packets

2 Mahatma Rice bags*N&O*$1.49*$0.75*$2.25*FREE

3 Lipton Tea Bags (24ct)*N&O*$2.69*$0.75*$2.25*$1.32

2 Wishbone Salad Spritzers Italian*N&O*$1.74*$0.75*$2.25*FREE

3 Franks Red Hot Sauces*N&O*$2.00*$0.50*$1.50*$1.50 for 3

1 Blistex balm*N&O*$0.99*$0.35*$1.05*FREE

2 Totino Pizza Rolls (pepperoni)*N&O*$1.10*$0.35*$1.05*$0.10 for two

3 Green Giant Frozen Broccoli Spears*2 coupons at*$1*$0.50*$1.50*FREE

2 Green Giant Healthy Living Veggie*1 coupon at*$0.60 off of 2*$1.80 off of two*$0.20 for 2

3 Grands mini-roll of biscuits*Blinkie*$0.78*$0.75 off of 3*2.25*$0.09 for 3 mini rolls

20 coupons, 2 Internet Printables (IPs) for broccoli, 1 IP for healthy living veggie mix

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

HT triples again

HT is having triples for a whole week...eeek....starting tomorrow morining at 7am thru the 31st.

So a quick Couponing 101:

-All coupons $0.99 and under triple in value. (Check your Sunday News and Observer for coupons)
-$0.25 actually will be worth $0.75
-$0.50 actually will be worth $1.00
-$0.75 actually will be worth $2.25
-You can only use 2 IP (internet printable coupons) per day on the same/like item
-Limit of 20 coupons per visit, per day (you can use more, but only 20 will triple in value)
-$1 off coupons do not count toward your tripled coupon number
-You can use catalinas (the things that print out at the register) as long as they say manufacturer coupon at the top. Despite what store you got it from, as long as it says manufacturer can use it anywhere
-Double check your receipt to ensure all q's did triple
-Double check prices, b/c HT has a scan price guarantee. If the price doesn't scan correctly as advertised you get the item FREE:)

Monday, March 23, 2009

words of wisdom from my money guru

A woman who is more financially confident and secure is a happier woman. And a happier woman is going to be better able to nurture, share, and give support to all those in her life."

~Suze Orman

If you love Wheat Thins like I do...

Food Lion currently has the new Artisan Wheat Thins 2/$4. If you pair it with the coupon from last week's paper B1G1F (buy one, get one free) they take off the original price of 1 box ($3.59) making them $0.41 for 2 boxes!!! I picked up these two.

Like to get free food on your birthday?

Sign up to your most favoritest restaurant's online newsletters, and they'll send you a deal around your birthday. Three of my favorites that honestly do honor your day of birth...Qdoba, Red Robin and Moe's. All of these places are for a free item to be used within 2 weeks around your birthday (free cheeseburger, free nachos and free burrito).

Another restaurant that is a good bang for your buck is TGI Friday's. They're food is not great, but I'd stick with the burgers...they're always good. They'll send you emails with coupons, and send you a stripes card. Every time you eat there, have them swipe your card. Once you spend $100, you get an $8 gift certificate via email. They sent me this coupon today (just click on the image and print to use it yourself).

Also check to see what great deals you can get with your employer. As a state employee, I can get a discount at several retail stores (cell phone company too) and restaurants by just showing my state employee id.